Latest Graphic Design & Illustration Commission

Here’s some children’s competition flyers, posters and character illustrations I’ve designed for East Dunbartonshire Council’s Kirkintilloch Canal Festival.

The colouring competition is for younger kids and includes an educational wordsearch activity that I produced, highlighting the wildlife and plants that live in or beside the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Childrens flyer design and educational activity designed and illustrated by U.K. illustrator and designer Laura Murray Jones. A commission by East Dunbartonshire Council for Kirkintilloch Canal Festival 2017.

Here is the colouring page which shows the town’s clock tower in the background and features Murdo and Marina – fictional characters that I developed to help in marketing the festival to local children and their families.


The Treasure Trail is a fun activity flyer/competition for local children. Using the map to find highlighted locations (local shops and businesses) they must find the signs featuring the little puffer boat character and write down the letters shown (see below). When all of the letters are collected they need to be unscrambled to find out the puffer boat’s name.

Design and illustration for treasure trail map kids activity. A commission by East Dunbartonshire Council.


Competition entries need to be handed in on Gala Sunday (21st August 2017). Leaflets can be picked up around Kirkintilloch Town Centre, including Tesco and the library or can be downloaded and printed from the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival website.

Illustrations for Kids Space Exhibit

Here’s a set of space themed illustrations I’ve created for Be Experimental who provide fabulous science parties for kids (they’ve just been nominated for What’s On For Kids Award 2017!)

Planet illustrations for kids science space exhibit by Glasgow illustrator Laura Murray Jones. Space themed exhibit illustrations for kids.

Each component will be a magnet that can stick to the starry background.

The different space craft are split into sections to allow children to stick the pieces together like a jigsaw – or make entirely new space craft. The kids can then add wheels, solar panels, generators and other fun components to make their very own space scene.

Space themed exhibit illustrations for kids education.

What a fun way to open up discussion and learning!

Square oil painting with blue summer sky and trees in the background and a riot of purple Flagstaff Iris flowers and leavesin the foreground.

Latest oil painting in progress – Iris Flowers

We had just moved into our new house when these beautiful Flagstaff Iris flowers appeared at the bottom of the garden. They are one of my favourite flowers so it was a lovely surprise.

I ran out with my paints and easel the next time we saw some sunshine (which in Scotland is few and far between even in Summer!)

I’m really enjoying this painting but there’s still some areas I’ll be working on before it’s for sale. It is certainly brightening up the studio meanwhile!

Square oil painting with blue summer sky and trees in the background and a riot of purple Flagstaff Iris flowers and leavesin the foreground.


Below is a close up of some of the impasto work (a technique used in painting, where paint is laid on an area of the surface very thickly, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible).

I mixed some of the colour directly on the painting using a palette knife – I just love the swirly colours blending into each other.

Hope you like it too!

  • Oil on board
  • 48 x 48cm

Laura x

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Dance Practice

I found this watercolour painting the other day. I’d started it a few years ago and had always meant to redraw it. Think it will be my next project!

Scottish fairies practice their highland dancing in tartan dress with musicians. A watercolour painting by Laura Murray Jones.

It shows a couple of little girl fairies practicing their Highland dancing for the next big ceilidh. A bagpiper, fiddler and flutist provide music and a mum and baby clap along.

Campsie Hills and Dumgoyne

In the background you can see a range of hills called the Campsie Fells, including Dumgoyne – a well-known landmark visible from Glasgow. I had a lovely afternoon painting at Loch Ardinning – a wildlife haven near Strathblane which provides wonderful views.  Black Grouse can be spotted there along with many species of butterfly and dragonfly, it is well worth a visit!